Dubbed one of the most innovative farmers in the world by Time Magazine, Joel Salatin proves that holistic management and regenerative agriculture are the best way to build a successful and viable agricultural entreprise.

« The best ecology is what makes the best economy » – Joel Salatin

On their 220 hectares farm in Virginia, Joel and his family develop coherent systems of pasture management to raise beef, porc, chicken, rabbits and turkey for their 6 000 private clients, 50 restaurants and 10 shops. Author of twelve books and relentless speaker in conferences around the world, Joel Salatin shares the keys to his success so it can be replicated by all.

 Join him on May 5-7th 2019 for a three-days Masterclass organised by Coume Sourde Farm (Aude, France).


This Masterclass will focus on the what, why and how of the agricultural practice, and is therefore primarily targeted at farmers and other agro-entrepreneurs. This workshop can however be of interest to  researchers, teachers, students, rural developers and others engaged in food system transition.
On the evening of the last day, Joel will give a conference open to all, which we be followed by an organic and local dinner on the farm. For more information, click here. 




High in the Mediterranean Pyrenees (at an altitude of 505 meters), Coume Sourde farm’s mission is to produce meat and eggs in respect of the animal and its environment, while regenerating the soil and the ecosystem. After three years of intensive application of Polyface’s principles on livestock and soil management, the results are there …

To discover with Joel’s take during this training.